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Transmutations: Between Fragility and Permeance

Exhibition of Lera Auerbach’s Bronze Sculptures at the AMARE Den Haag In the upcoming AMARE exhibition, Lera Auerbach's diverse bronze sculptures from Vienna, Berlin, Miami, and New York are showcased for the first time together. Within Auerbach's kaleidoscopic art universe, a dance between contrasts and consonance unfolds, where intellect and emotion intertwine. Her sculptures, untouched by the norms of formal academia, emerge from an intuitive core. Driven by her life experiences, Auerbach's work reached a turning point in 2009 when a devastating fire consumed her New York studio. Destroying her library, manuscripts, personal items, and art collection, the catastrophe became an unexpected catalyst. Rising from the ashes, she found a cathartic outlet for her intense emotional state in sculpting. With its curatorial arch that spans her music, visual art, and literary creations, the festival seeks to explore the multifarious nature of Auerbach’s oeuvre across artistic disciplines.

Auerbach's sculptural universe is, in essence, an intricate tapestry that weaves together diverse threads: personal history, emotional intensity, material dialectics, social commentary, and intellectual depth. The result is an evocative narrative that engages in an ongoing internal dialogue, linking the past to the present, the personal to the universal, and the abstract to the tangible. This dynamic interplay across her body of work marks Auerbach as a unique voice in the contemporary art world. This voice is as compelling as it is complex and as relevant as it is timeless. The exhibition opens on Friday, Oct 13, 2023, at 17:00, featuring the unveiling ceremony of a new bronze sculpture, “Silent Psalm”. The show will remain on display throughout the Lera Auerbach festival program at AMARE Den Haag until October 23, 2023. Get the entire program here. See a catalog of her sculptures here. Watch the video here.


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