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“…music has long been trickling out of traditional concert halls and into cooler, more contemporary watering holes. Hosted by the music blog GetClassical, this concert series hits a sweet spot in the art-filled Rose Bar (and other newly initiated concert venues) with a feel that’s downtown Manhattan by way of 19th century Paris salon…its variety show atmosphere is known to draw audience members to the stage. And quite a variety show it can lead to, given that {some of} the last installment’s couches were filled with musicians ranging from arty Juilliard students to Carnegie darling Evgeny Kissin.”

- Harper's Bazaar Hot List

“Ilona is a true music lover… a musical warrior working in the trenches to create new avenues for fan and artist to come together. Ilona has earned respect and admiration for her work in the New York music scene to create a new kind of intimate artist/fan concert experience. We share a common vision with Ilona in her desire to bring artists and fans closer. We salute Ilona Oltuski… a true piano lover dedicated to making a difference; Bravo!”

- Richard Waterman

Ilona Oltuski, founder of, recreated the magic of the 19th century salon concerts in a somewhat updated version the other night at the elegant India House. It is very rare that one experiences a collaborative effort where the performers are so in tune (pun intended) with each other's unique gifts.

- Johnathan Levin Pianist Blog

GetClassical Artist

Anita Graef


"The study of music has brought so much joy, purpose and beauty into my life, and I'm delighted to be able to share that gift with the next generation. GetClassical In School's work to bring classical music into classrooms is invaluable, and I'm honored to be part of this initiative."

GetClassical Artist

Inna Faliks

Pianist, Professor and Head of Piano Faculty at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Get Classical is the perfect organization for our time, blending an attentiveness to highest quality of music making with the spirit of sharing, authenticity and generosity. Great music is for everyone, it is meant to be shared, and the bond it creates can be a seed in a child's imagination. The more seeds we plant, the more lives will be altered for the better. As a performing artist, I have seen this happen many, and there is nothing more gratifying or inspiring than opening a child's heart to music. Thank you to Get Classical for continuing this vital mission.

GetClassical Artist

Lara Downes

Pianist, Writer, Producer

Get Classical is exactly what is needed in NYC, and everywhere else for that matter! The brilliant move of presenting classical music in club and lounge venues that offer a relaxed and casual atmosphere, brings together an eclectic mix of listeners to enjoy the magic of live performance without the constraints and formalities of the traditional concerts hall. GetClassical curates a wide range of concerts, showcasing artists and repertoire that cross boundaries and explore varied musical directions. They all have one thing in common: the very highest artistic quality. Ilona has the vision to recognize that the present and the future of classical music depend on an embrace of what is, after all, at the heart of this art form: communication between artists and audiences; the emotional power of music in the moment; and the ever-evolving creative force that keeps classical music very much alive and thriving. I loved being part of the series, and look forward to the next opportunity!

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