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The inaugural Josef Gingold Chamber Music Festival of Miami

Andrés Cárdenes, co-founder and artistic director of the Gingold Festival himself was a student of the iconic Josef Gingold, who left his inspirational imprint on many generations of high caliber musicians.

Between coaching, studying and performing, the group of fifty-five accepted applicants will have the opportunity to learn in private lessons and chamber settings about that special spirit of music making, but also “be” and perform alongside performers, serious about their destiny as carrier of the tradition of their art form; honoring Gingold’s legacy and spirit, as one of the primary exponents of the “Golden Age” of the violin.

“Our distinguished faculty will not only coach many individual groups; we will perform for and with students each week in addition to their own weekly concerts. The experience of seeing, hearing and collaborating with great artists up close is a unique and inspiring opportunity. We are thrilled to offer these world-class concerts to the citizens of Miami and look forward to sharing our students’ talents with the community,” explains Cárdenes.

The chosen faculty of eighteen pedagogues and performers, hailing from the country’s top conservatories, such as Juilliard, Eastman School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Colburn School, as well as from the St. Petersburg conservatory and orchestras, such as the New York Philharmonic, Dallas and Pittsburgh Symphonies, will also offer opportunities to understand the entrepreneurial side of building a career in music. With a focus on piano and violin literature, both within the solo and chamber repertoire in masterclasses and lessons, the festival’s educational programs also include lectures on industry topics and career management symposia.

Josef Gingold died in 1995 and since then Mr. Cardenes has been waiting for an opportunity to honor him in the proper way and Miami, this festival, and this team brought the elements together to make it possible: His Co-Founders are two veteran local arts administrators, Giselle Elgarresta Rios and Robert H. Smith, Jr., with Gary Levinson on board as the festival’s General Manager and Michael Klotz, as the honorary Musical Advisor. Watch Gary Levinson speak about the festival here.

Finding its home at the Miami Shore campus of Barry University, the festival adds a much-needed chamber music presence, to the existing solo piano focused festivals in town.

Some of the open to the public concerts will take place in the trendy Wynwood area of Miami, attracting artists, tourist and entrepreneurs alike, in the summer months following the iconic Basel art fair, supports an increasing interest in classical music in the vibrant city of Miami.

Says the Cuban-American Giselle Elgarresta Rios: “As music educator, soprano and choral conductor I have lived most of my life in Miami. I have witnessed Miami’s social, economic, and commercial growth. I have experienced Miami become a global city and realized I wanted to be part of Miami’s cultural growth. Aside from being a professor of music at Barry University for over 23 years, I have been involved in various organizations as a strong advocate for the arts in Miami.  The opportunity arose to create this festival at Barry University along with Robert Smith, Gary Levinson, Andrés Cardenes, and Michael Klotz. We all were passionate for the same educational and musical mission: to create a world class Chamber Music festival honoring Josef Gingold’s love for humanity and love for the crafting of the art. I am honored to be part of the leadership team for this festival in Miami. By welcoming diverse faculty and participants and combining them with our locals, we are certain this festival will become part of Miami’s artistic fabric to assist Miami in becoming a world class cultural competitor. “ “I have worked with numerous festivals, in the past. Under its pristine leadership, this one initiated remarkably fast and smoothly,” remarks Robert Smith, who, previously holding a teaching position at Manhattan School of Music, knows many of the concert performers personally. “The festival’s administration and faculty, is such a like minded group and we all came together, wanting to do something collectively to honor the great spirit and artistic integrity, Gingold himself was so renowned for,” he says.

Among the performers, the festival features violinists Andrés Cárdenes and Gary Levinson, pianists Alon Goldstein and Alexandre Moutouzkine, cellists André Diaz and Anne Martindale Williams, violists Paul Coletti and Michael Klotz. View the full festival program here and the festival’s faculty here.



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