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Pianist Xiayin Wang: Barnes & Nobles CD signing and upcoming concert on Novemeber 23rd, 2010.

The CD, released by Chandos, presents a first time collection of all of Earl Wild’s musical arrangements of Gershwin songs and Wild’s Piano Sonata, dating from 2000, which leans strongly on jazz, blues, rag and American folk music, while still remaining firmly connected within the classical form. 

Wang  provided a miniature recital that gave an impressive “tasting” of her brilliant technical mastery and fine musicianship at the piano. She also eloquently talked about Wild, the composer and consummate pianist, who just recently passed away.   

Taking breaks in between the movements of the sonata, she explained about its meaning and some of the difficulties, and managed also in the following Q + A,  to engage the attending audience splendidly. Also present was Bill Schwartz, one of the great New York musical patrons, who has championed the young  

I am a big fan and looking  forward to the concert on Tuesday !

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