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Partnership between the eminent Vendome Prize for Piano at the Verbier Festival and GetClassical.

In the spirit of ONE WORLD, the need for international collaboration and artistic partnerships has grown - no doubt - worldwide. This rings especially true for music productions, with international performers crossing borders and continents and looking to build local following.

Combining European tradition and New York novel presentation formats has grown into a major interest, now connecting the Vendome Prize for Piano at the Verbier Festival, with GC's NYC based concert production.

"It is an outstanding honor for GetClassical, to find itself among the venerable Artistic Partners of the Vendome Prize, and we are delighted to seek out opportunities for the chosen artists of the Vendome Prize, who would like to come to New York City to start building an audience base," says Ilona Oltuski, founder and artistic director of GC.

"Beyond this concert opportunity, GetClassical will aim to connect international guest artists within a social framework of colleagues and peers, and welcome the artists to the city that never sleeps, but also is easy to get lost in."

To feature the recent Vendome Prize winner Daumants Liepins in concert in NYC, GC is planning a concert presentation at Opera America including a following round table discussion with the young artist and leading industry professionals, coined: Piano Competitions in the Digital Age.

The Vendome Prize Website, describes the GC mission:

With an unquenchable quest for excellence in classical music performance, GetClassical has built a diverse platform connecting performers and audiences within New York City’s classical music circuit. 

Enthusiasm for sharing performers’ talents through critical insights, profiling the artist’s individuality in a distinctly personal style, the GetClassical Blog offers topics that center on artist portraits and relate to performers’ concerts and habitat, including an insider’s perspective on international festivals, competitions and educational survey, as well as latest developments within the music business.

“We at Naxos speak regularly about creating a greater culture for classical music. In so many ways, Ilona Oltuski and her platform embodies that goal. From her founding of Get Classical, dedicated to discovering and promoting valid artists at important career stages, to her popular concert series and regular presence at notable concerts, she is what the art form both creates and desires: a voice that engages the community. While more concert presenters and media outlets have turned away, she is able to help ensure that the genre, and the wildly expressive piano, always has a place.” Sean Hickey, composer, Senior Vice-President, Naxos Of America, INC.



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