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Glenn Dicterow with Pegasus

Old time favorites and some new, made it into yesterday’s orchestral assemblage coined Glenn Dicterow with Pegasus.

(All photo credits: Envogue Photography)

Led by Pegasus: The Orchestra’s founder and managing director, pianist, composer and conductor Karén Hakobyan, the excellent reverberation of the 19-count strong group of string instrumentalists, this evening’s troupe for Pegasus: The Orchestra, made a compelling case for their mission - international soloists acting as an ensemble - for an enthusiastic audience filling Merkin Hall.

A recent composition by Hakobyan, titled Contempo: Bach Recombinant, pierced with frequent intermitting divisi and solo sections, was conceived with this mission in mind. *

The appearance of Glenn Dicterow, eminent violinist and previous concert master of the New York Philharmonic during an all-time record of 34 years there, gave New Yorkers (including this one) that have missed his beloved presence - a fixture at the big hall next door - extra reason to cheer.

Together with the elegant interpreter and the orchestra’s concert master, Eiko Kano, Dicterow gave a moving account of the majestic Bach Concerto for 2 Violins, in D minor.

The second part of the program, appropriate for the spirit of the season an uplifting account of Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C major, Op.48. Hakobyan’s engaging leadership was palpable, driving fast tempi throughout.

*find further descriptions in the program notes by pianist Reed Tetzloff

Stay tuned for exciting news about Pegasus: The Orchestra's upcoming performances including all five of Rachmaninov' Concerti, with 5 international pianists in May, at Alice Tully Hall.

Read my article about the founding of Pegasus: The Orchestra and their residency at Mana Contemporary



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