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Jon Kimura Parker

Pianist, Artistic Director Honens International Piano Competition

“What a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Ilona Oltuski, whose love of music and comprehensive knowledge informs everything that she writes. I especially admire the work she does in schools. Bravo Ilona!”

Yevgeny Kutik, violinist


Being an artist is all about learning and communication. Ilona’s initiative to introduce GetClassical In School is a fantastic way to bring artists where they belong, in classrooms, with future generations of listeners. I am delighted to participate in GetClassical In School!

Maxim Landau, Pianist

“Music is a universal language for absolutely everyone – regardless of background, age, or nationality. It touches our hearts and shares our deepest emotions with each other. Ilona’s wonderful initiative GetClassical In School excites the younger generation with innovative programs, top caliber musicians, and an infectious enthusiasm. I’m excited to be involved!”
Maxim Lando

Aleksey Igudesman, Violinist, Conductor, Comedian, Entrepreneur

“Bringing classical music into the class room is an incredibly important mission. Ilona’s initiative GetClassical In School is a great necessity. Introducing the young generation to music will undoubtably change future society for the better. It is proven that children will learn faster and are generally happier with music in their life. Bravo Ilona, bravo GetClassical In School!”

Lukas Barwinski-Brown

Chief Executive Officer Lang Lang Foundation

I am very happy to endorse Ilona Oltuski’s very important initiative GetClassical In School. It inspires the next generation with great performers, in the classroom. It is critical groundwork, much needed to implement the kind of continuing music education that we do at the Lang Lang International Music Foundation across the country.
I support this wonderful project with all my heart.
I wish Ilona and her team to grow and reach many kids in the country.
All the best,

Lukas Barwinski-Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Madeline Olson


‘As someone who was introduced to the wonderful world of classical music as a small child, I recognize the excitement and imagination it can spark in a young mind. Having opportunities to interact with many different kinds of music and music-makers is essential to all levels of education, and I’m thrilled that there are initiatives like GetClassical working to bring these experiences to students in NYC.”

Jessica Osborne


Music will save the world – Pablo Casals
“Getting to perform classical music for kids who don’t ordinarily have access to it is a golden opportunity for us artists. People who grow up without being exposed to classical music are far less likely to be drawn to it as they get older; classical music is a taste acquired through exposure, and unfortunately, it is not an art from that is readily made accessible or affordable to everyone. By demonstrating the capability of classical music to enrich our experience and expand the minds of young adults in the classroom, we are in turn sowing the seeds of classical music appreciation in a future generation of audiences. “

Hanna Arie-Gaifman

Director, Tisch Center for the Arts at The 92nd Street Y

The life and engaging exposure to classical music inspires, enriches, increases focus and ultimately even increases learning ability , get us all classical , congrats and go for it Ilona!

Martha Argerich


GetClassical In School is a wonderful idea, I like the initiative very much. Its a special experience to bring live music and performers to the kids into the classroom. The energy can make for a powerful impact and inspire kids to love classical music and to find out more about it. Congratulations.

Glenn Dicterow

Violinist, Educator, Former Concert Master New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Pedagogical Advisory Board GetClassical In School

“Never before has it been more important to our society to reinstate music and art back into our primary educational system. GetClassical In School fills the void that our government has failed to offer our next generation. Music is as essential as the air we breathe: It is what makes us human.”

Emerson String Quartet

String Quartet, Educators

“We in the Emerson String Quartet applaud the mission of GetClassical In School to bring great music to both public and private schools throughout the New York metropolitan area. Classical music has a well-proven beneficial effect on young people’s intellectual, emotional and social development. In an era when arts education in public schools has undergone frequent budget cuts, and when the classical arts have a hard time competing with the massive commercial reach of popular culture, it’s more important than ever to reach the hearts and minds of children who might otherwise have little or no exposure to this invaluable legacy.”

Pierre Van Der Westhuizen

Director of the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival and Awards, Artistic Advisory Board GetClassical In School

“I wholeheartedly support GetClassical In School’s efforts as critical in our national drive to inspire the next generation of music lovers and enthusiasts. Childhood is an age of exploration and wonder, and I can’t think of a better way to develop a child’s curiosity than a hands-on approach such as this. Bravo, and I look forward to seeing this wonderful initiative develop!”

Gerard Schwarz

Conductor, Educator, Artistic Advisory Board GetClassical In School

Dear Ilona, I wish you great success with your new project GetClassical In School and I am very happy to be included as an artistic advisor.

The Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture

Foundation, Classical Culture, Collaboration with GetClassical In School school visits.

‎”The Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Ilona Oltuski’s initiative GetClassical In School, as we share that mission of bringing Classical music and Classical Culture to youth, especially to those who, through no fault of their own, do not have the means to access this beautiful treasuretrove that belongs to all mankind. We look forward to the opportunity of working with Ilona to bringing more Classical musicians to schools through classroom and concert presentations, so that many more young people can share in the joy of Classical music!”.

Irina Knaster

Founder & Artistic Director ASPECT Chamber Music Series

Aspect Chamber Music series is very excited about the ‘GetClassical In School’ initiative. The mission of GetClassical is important to us – bringing great performers to the classroom will help foster children’s interest in music; inviting students to the concerts of performers they have met personally may forge a special connection and inspire children’s love for classical music. We are enthusiastic to work on developing opportunities for collaboration with GetClassical in the fall.

Gary Graffman

Pianist, Pedagogue, Pedagogical Advisory Board for GetClassical In School

It is my pleasure to endorse Ilona Oltuski ‘s important initiative GetClassical In School. During my many years as an educator of young talent, I have seen firsthand how terrific it is to inspire youth to build a lifetime with music. With best wishes for continued success for you and GetClassical In School.

Wei Luo


Ilona, I absolutely admire this great idea and project. I still remember how surprised and moved I was by the sound of the piano, played by my teacher, when I was a four year old in Kindergarten. That was the beginning of my love for music! It will be truly meaningful for me to come back to a school, play something for the kids and spark their love for music, in turn.

Jonathan DePeri

Founder and Artistic Director of Gotham Arts, Leadership Committee Member GetClassical In School

“Music, more than any other art form, has the capacity to endow all of us, and especially young people, with the ability to transcend any challenges of present circumstance to conceive of – and ultimately attain – the brightest, happiest, most beautiful future of our dreams. I am honored to take part in GetClassical In School’s vital mission to foster inspiration that can broaden children’s horizons and propel them to achieve their full potential.”
Yours with excitement, Jonathan DePeri

Alisa Weilerstein


“For me, being an artist has always been, above all, about communication. Ilona’s initiative to introduce GetClassical In School is a fantastic way to bring artists exactly where they ought to be; directly in the classroom exchanging ideas with future generations. I look forward to participating in GetClassical In School whenever possible!”

Reed Tetzloff


GetClassical In School’s mission is such an important one; I am honored to be part of it and excited for our first encounter in the classroom.

Sivan Magen


I am happy to support Ilona’s initiative GetClassical In School and partake in a school encounter, bringing classical music to the next Generation and the next Generation into our concerts.

Moran Katz


I’ve always been convinced that everyone loves music and the earlier one is exposed to a particular genre the more chances of him/her being drawn to it later in life. Rather than forced information, GetClassical In School aims to connect people and hear about their story. I couldn’t agree more with this approach and hope to be a part of the program!

Sean Hickey

Composer, Senior Vice-President, NAXOS OF AMERICA, INC.

As a composer and manager at Naxos of America, I applaud Ilona Oltuski and her efforts to bring classical music to the genre’s future audience. Music education is central to what we do each and every day, and many arts organizations pay only a glancing acknowledgement of its importance. New York may boast a lot of wonderful things, but age-appropriate learning modules for the enjoyment of classical music – how it works, who are its practitioners – are largely missing from all but the largest cultural institutions. And those who might benefit the most from it are those in the greatest need, especially as New York becomes less affordable for so many. To paraphrase Stravinsky, children shouldn’t be taught to respect music; they should be taught to love it.

Philippe Quint


It gives me a great pleasure to support GetClassical in School. More than ever the world needs programs dedicated to development of arts and music in schools. Arts education process is universally recognized as one of the most valuable to children of all ages.
I wish Ilona and GetClassical much success in this new and important endeavor.

Amit Peled

Cellist, Educator

I welcome Ilona’s initiative GetClassical In School and will be happy to partake when in New York. Everything for Kids!

Evgeny Kissin


I salute Ilona’s initiative to introduce GetClassical In School, bringing classical music into the classroom. Sparking enthusiasm through personal encounters with charismatic performers will serve the next generation, bringing the joy of music into their lives.