Jed Distler

Composer/Pianist/Gramophone Contributor/WWFM radio host

The inclusive and generous spirit distinguishing Ilona Otulski's enterprising and energetic organization GetClassical reveals itself on the wide variety of established and emerging artists featured in intimate and inviting concert presentations, as well as the extensive and insightful journalistic profiles and interviews.

Evgeny Kissin


Every luck and success to Ilona Oltuski in her noble endeavors wishes Evgeny Kissin.

Adrienne Haan

Chanteuse International

Having worked as an artist for GetClassical, I can only state that my experience has been second to none. Ilona Oltuski is very dedicated, always striving to feature new interesting and diverse artists and feature them with personal sensitivity and an utmost reliable professionalism. Ilona Oltuski is also an investigative writer, who captures the essence of the musicians she writes about in a nutshell, bringing out what's most captivating about the artist's individuality. A musician at heart herself, Ilona Oltuski "gets" the artists she is presenting, making the collaboration a most enjoyable and fruitful one.

Alexander Fiterstein

Clarinetist, Educator

What Ilona does with GetClassical is truly wonderful: Insightful interviews that give the artist's perspective, as well as building a vibrant classical music community through the many inspiring performaces she presents.

Edna Landau

Writer, Consulting Educator, Artist Management

Ilona Oltuski has devoted herself tirelessly to broadening the audience for classcal music by presenting exciting concerts in intimate, innovative New York venues. Her Get Classical series has featured established sought-after artists as well as emerging new talents. A prolific writer, she has spotlighted both prominent artists as well as anticipated stars of tomorrow in interesting interviews on her blog. lona's impeccable taste, comprehensive knowledge of music and strong contacts within the industry, has ensured success in her many endeavors. She has made an important contribution to the New York music scene and we all owe her a bedt of gratitude.

Vicky Chow

Bang on a Can All-Stars, New Music Detroit, Grand Band

Ilona Oltuski is an important supporter, writer, and lover of music maing by many of today's great artists. Her love, curiosity and passion for music, in her writing and artist salons, create a community where everyone can gain better understanding and appreciation for this art form. THank you for all of your dedication towards live music and living musicians!

Vassily Primakov

Classcal Pianist, Producer and Co-president of LP Classics Inc.

My Experiince with GetClassical is one of the best in my professional concert life. If gave me amazing and rare oppertunities to perform in the most unique venues that allow listeners to be closer to music making, closer to the artists and experience music on a whole different level-intimate and profound. Ilona is doing something very special-she creates not only the concerts and events, she created the atmosphere, mood, different listening experience. And let's not forget that she is an amazing writer-her interviews and articles always go deep into the artist's life, always personal and always sincere. Those qualities are rare and should be cherished. THe classical music world has a new superhero, and her name is ilona Oltuski.