Julian Schwarz


GetClassical promotes the exposure of today's most passionate and engaging artists in intimate, relaxed settings. Performers and pieces are afforded background and context through the sharp writing of Ilona Oltuski, and personal remarks from the stage contribute to the warm atmosphere. Having given a concert for GetClassical, I can see clearly the forshadowing of a salon renaissance.

Hilan Warshaw

Producer, Director

What Ilona Oltuski has achieved with her remarkable series is to return to the roots of solo and chamber music -presenting it in a social format that feels as intimate and communicative as the works themselves. Even before the exquisite performances begin, the senses are warmed by food, drink, an enchanting setting, and enthusiastic people in dialogue with the music, the musicians, and each other. It was a great pleasure for me to capture one of GetClassical's events for a short film, and I look forward to attending many more.

Daniele Rinaldo


I met Ilona in NYC after a recital I played there in 2014, and we had a lovely interview where I talked about myself and my activities and she enthusiastically described her GetClassical project. We both agreed on the necessity to reach audiences beyond the traditional concert hall ones, both by choice of repertoire and venue, and by keeping a mind as open as possible on all possible musical influences and try to overcome traditional genre barriers. I very much appreciated her article on my performance as well as her attitude towards music and her commitment to GetClassical. I am very glad to see how well it's developing! All the best, hope to se you soon!

Theodore Wiprud

Composer, Concert Presenter, Educator, and Music Executive

I loved GetClassical's presentation of my music at the chic Zinc Bar - it's wonderful hearing music in a club atmosphere. And also Ilona's discerning blog post about my work with pianist Yoonie Han, which reached lots of readers.

Donal Fox

Composer, Pianist, Improviser Steinway Artist

Ilona is fine writer and music journalist. She is very passionate about the arts and reaching new audiences for classical music. She is also an enthusiastic presenter and producer with indefatigable energy and infectious optimism. Ilona and GetClassical have built a robust community of artists, music lovers and fans through her website, blog posts, reviews, interviews, writings, radio broadcasts, concerts and events. Keep up the great work Ilona! It as a pleasure meeting you being interviewed by you!

Mischa Maisky


Internationally renowned cellist Mischa Maisky supports GetClassical's mission and passionately presented music endeavors.

Richard Waterman

Real Piano Music.com

Ilona is a true music lover ...a musical warrior working in the trenches to create new avenues for fan and artist to come together. Ilona has earned respect and admiration for her work in the New York music scene to create a new kind of intimate artist/fan concert experience. We share a common vision with Ilona in her desire to bring artist and fans closer. We create Artist Gallery pages to give fans an up close and personal web experience with their musical heroes-while Ilona has gone even further to create intimate salon concerts where artist and fan can mingle before and after a performance with no stage barrier. We salute Ilona Oltuski...a true piano lover dedicated to making a difference! Bravo!

Adam Golka


I was honored to be featured in an interview by Ilona, for GetClassical. I genuinely enjoyed her interview style and thoughtful questions that resulted in a very individual, unique perspective of the artist, in a article to remeber. With best wishes, and hoping to collaborate again in the near future.

Gerard Schwarz

Conductor, Educator, Producer

I have had the great pleasure to see first hand the remarkable work Ilona does presenting concerts, interviewing artists and writing about music. Her musical knowledge is extensive and her charm and brillance are always apparent in her writing on musical subjects and her interaction with artists. She is very special in so many ways, but it is especially gratifying to have a real music lover producing concerts and reporting on music.

Sivan Magen


I would like to thank Ilona Oltuski for choosing to interview me for Get Classical, for the highly informed article she wrote about me, and for the time and energy she invested in the interview. It was a pleasure to meet a woman of such high culture, and I am continuously impressed by how far Get Classical has developed under her leadership in such a short time. I wish her success in all the upcoming adventures.

Matthew Graybil


Whether interviewing one of the today's leading artists, bolstering the carrier of a young musician or curating her cool and casual salon series, Ilona's remarkable knowledge, imagination and love of music make her one of the most unique and pertinent figures in NYC's mucical culture.

Eric Zuber

Pianist, Educator

My experience performing at GetClassical was an unforgettable one. Ilona is one of the leaders in reshaping how we view the concert experience, and the importance of this work cannot be overstated. Her vision-a cencert experience for the audience that is dynamic, personal, and intimate, all while being great fun and a learning experience-is one that I share passionately and hope to promote through my won work. Bravo Ilona! Thank s again :)

Erno Kallai


Ilona was the first in New York who featured me and my former teacher, Itzhak Perlman, together in an article. That will always remain a very special interview for me, and will never forget it. Wish you all the best with the Get Classical blog, and to continue the fantastic work you are doing.

Alexandra Joan


What Ilona does for the classical music world with GetClassical is what artists and their audiences need the most. She creates unique opportunities and brings people together in great settings with the highest standards of quality. She has the flair, the taste, the enthusiasm, the creativity, the knowledge from being a pianist herself and the generosity to make those events magical.

John and Noretta Leech

Educator, Founding Director of the Keyboard Trust

On behalf of all the Keyboard Trust's artist you have so liberally helped on their way, we want to salute your glorious initiative GetClassical. You have made great strides to resolve the imaginary social divide which deters so many young people from venturing into our sacred halls of music. And your richly woven interviews and concert reviews have been an immense support to the artists, fortunate enough to be featured. An affectionate and resounding Thank-you from Noretta and John.