Shai Wosner

Pianist, Composer

It’s a great pleasure to speak to GetClassical, both a casual and informative source for classical music lovers! Ilona is wonderful to talk to about music and life!

Eleonor Bindman

Pianist, Transcriber, Composer

What a pleasure to be interviewed by someone with such keen insight into musician’s world! Ilona managed to uncover and distill the essential elements of my work by her sincere and intelligent questions. GetClassical is a gift to musicians and music lovers alike!

Konstantin Soukhovetski

Pianist, Designer, Entrepreneur

GetClassical is pretty much on the frontier of the emerging trend among music lovers: informal and informative, inspiring and entertaining. The casual club setting and a sense of spontaneity is what makes people return for more and more of the 'downtown' experience of music with GetClassical. It is in that same atmosphere, Ilona captures the essence of artists in her writing and introducing her performers to new audiences. And having first-rate talent seals the deal on this delightful new cultural venture in New York City.

David Finckel and Wu Han

Cellist and Pianist. Artistic Directors of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Music@Menlo, ArtistLed

"Heartfelt thanks to Ilona for her thoughtful writing presented from the unique perspective of a passionate music lover." - David Finckel and Wu Han

The Emerson String Quartet

Dear Ilona, This is a wonderful article. Thanks so much for putting so much thought and time into writing it. This is truly a historic collaboration and it's very nice to have someone recognize that and write about it so well. All the best, Phil

Rob Kapilow

What makes it Great host, composer, author, radio personality

Being interviewed by Ilona was an absolute delight! What was so special about it was that it didn't even seem to be an interview at all. Simply a wonderful conversation with a deeply knowledgeable musician about ideas and thoughts that intrigued us both. I cannot remember ever having had such an in-depth interview with such a prepared, thoughtful partner--and Ilona was really a partner in the process. Her approach is unique in today's musical world, and I feel lucky to have shared time with such a thoughtful, inspiring musician. Anyone would be lucky to be interviewed by her! All best, Rob

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

We were thrilled to see Orpheus so accurately represented by in Ilona’s wonderfully thorough and sensitively written blogpost. It’s rare to be interviewed by someone like Ilona—someone who comes in already intimately acquainted with the culture of Orpheus, an interviewer who “gets” what we do and whose questions come from a place of genuine curiosity about what we do—past, present and future. is the perfect vehicle for the 21st century music lover and musician.

Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner


Ilona's wholehearted dedication to the arts makes a profound impact on our performing community. through thoughtful articles, interviews, and by fostering innovative performance atmospheres, she provides artists additional platforms to communicate meaningfully with their audiences. In doing so, she facilitates a broadening of the audience for classical music, while nurturing a side of our industry that is consistently in need of further nourishment.

Susan Wadsworth

Founder, Director Young Concert Artists

Ilona, I was so happy with your exceptional article about Young Concert Artists.. You captured every iota of the spirit of the organization in an articulate and warm way. It is fun to come to your events too -\ off the beaten track and yet fully connected to the spirit of great music. All best Susan

Karén Hakobyan

Pianist, composer, conductor, Founder Pegasus: The Orchestra

Ilona Oltuski’s professionalism and insight in her recent column, Pegasus: The Orchestra – Cultural Incubator of Community became the lift beneath our mythical horse’s wings as the orchestra gave its New York and New Jersey premieres. We thank her for the depth and breadth of the article, in particular; for her longtime and passionate support of musical endeavor and musicians everywhere; and especially for her dedication to rising artists.

Vyacheslav Gryaznov

Pianist, composer, transcriber

Ilona’s warmth and kindness toward me were so inviting when I came to the United States last year! I am so honored and grateful that she chose to attend my recent performance in New York, and that she devoted her time and energy to an interview with me. Her questions let me know that her interest was genuine, and her journalism reflected an understanding and love both of music and of we artists who work to bring it to life.

Natasha Cherny

Natasha Cherny Founder and Co-President, The Drozdoff Society Producer, Impromptu! Classical Music Recital Series

When I first became aware of Ilona Oltuski’s GetClassical series, I wondered if perhaps here was a kindred spirit. Now, as a frequent reader of her discerning journalism and a follower of her concerts, I am truly impressed with her devotion to musicians, her intelligent and informed writing, and her infectious enthusiasm. She is not only an ally in the arts, but also a role model.

Inon Barnatan


"It was such a pleasure talking to Ilona and having an interview that was as exhaustive and intelligent as it was readable and entertainingly written. Music journalism is becoming a rare art and it's nice to know it is in good hands."

Andreas Kern


Dear Ilona, „We love your Blog Get Classical. Every month we are curious to read your interviews, your tips for classical hot spots and to get more classical :-). We also appreciated your interview with us and hope to see you, Ilona, in one of our next shows in the US“ PIANO BATTLE Warm wishes, Andreas

Elisaveta Blumina


Dear Ilona, Thank you very much again for your article which is spot on. You are a remarkable woman with a rare intuition, a wonderful humor and curiosity about unknown composers. I have never had the experience of such an article about me, you know the music world and seem to understand me even when I am only saying a half sentence. Your optimism is very contagious and I am very happy to have met you. Elisaveta Blumina