GetClassical’s inaugural concert event at St. John’s in the Village was so much fun! It was following soprano Katrin Bulke’s school visit for our initiative GetClassical In School. It was a collaboration with St.John’s in the village and FfRCC: “The Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture shares the mission of bringing classical music and culture to youth and is looking forward to this collaboration, so that many more young people can share in the joy of classical music.” GetClassical In School aims to inspire the next generation through personal encounters in the classroom and in concert. please follow us on facebook 

See some photos here from soprano Katrin Bulke’s school visit and the concert with master pianist Pavel Nersessian. Hear him play here
Hope to see you at the next concert!

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GETCLASSICAL and GETCLASSICAL IN SCHOOL are fiscally sponsored by the FIELD, permitting our non-for profit status and tax free donations. Lets bring classical music to kids!