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Classical music has long been trickling out of traditional concert halls and into cooler, more contemporary watering holes. Hosted by the music blog Get Classical at the Gramercy Park Hotel, this concert series hits a sweet spot in the art-filled Rose Bar with a feel that’s downtown Manhattan by way of 19th century Paris salon.
This time around, the series features Israeli pianist Elisha Abas as the main act on June 9, but its variety show atmosphere is known to draw audience members to the stage. (And quite a variety show that can lead to, given that the last installment’s couches were filled with musicians ranging from arty Julliard students to Carnegie darling Evgeny Kissin.)

May 06th .2012.
What an evening it was ! The music soared, the engaged audience was enthusiastic about the artists, the program selection and the beautiful presentation. Terrance McKnight was his ultra personable self as entertaining conferencier, giving the artists a chance to shine and the audience some interesting insights – food and drinks were served by the...

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