This Sunday’s first-rate musical program, part of the 92Y Family
Music Series, transposed kids and adults just the same into an attentive audience
that could not get enough of Mendelssohn’s music.
Some of the finest solo
piano, cello-piano duo and trio performances, were delivered by pianist Alessio
Bax, violinist Stefan Jackiw and cellist Steven Isserlis, who is also the
artistic director of the now in its 6th Season Family Series at the
Y. Narrator Judy Kuhn added a female voice to the eloquent and funny musicians,
who – each in their own style – brought their personal approach and enthusiasm to
Mendelssohn’s compositions.   Violinist Stefan Jackiw  Photo: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco
Acclaimed cellist Steven Isserlis, who is also the
author of Why Beethoven Threw the Stew
and Why Handel Waggled his Wig,
obviously found his calling, addressing the
kids’ questions after the performance.

Steven Isserlis - Alessio Bax photo:92Y website

But it was the actual beauty and expressiveness
of the joint music making and the at times spontaneously conceived performances
of all three convincing artists that left the most impression with kids and
adults alike, calling for true inspiration. The kids totally got the message:
It’s so cool to be such a fine musician!