Maestro Abbado
With great sorrow the music world mourns the passing of Maestro Claudio Abbado, widely admired not only for his extraordinary musicianship, but for his noble character; one of the great human beings, who will be sorely missed.

 Here is a personal example of how deeply Maestro Abbado touched anyone who met him, from the young conductor Noam Zur:” In 2011, I visited the Lucerne Festival and was lucky enough, not only to see the great Claudio Abbado rehearse Mahler’s tenth symphony, but to actually get a photocopy of his score from him (with his handwritten annotations). He was the most noble, humble, gentle and modest man imaginable, and really took time out to talk to me during his intermissions, several days in a row. This week, I am conducting the Adagio from the tenth symphony with the Transylvanian State Philharmonic Orchestra. Today, in the first rehearsal, I told this story to the orchestra while conducting the adagio out of “his” score. In the intermission, the musicians told me that the news had broken about his death, while we were playing his edition of the Adagio. I was so shocked that I couldn’t finish the rehearsal, and went to cry in my dressing room before returning to the hotel. Together with the orchestra, we decided to dedicate not only this piece, but the entire concert on the Friday, the 24th of January, to his memory. Noam Zur”excerpt from the memorial concert