Honored to serve as a member of the jury for the 2019 youth piano competition of The Piano School of NYC.
Founded by pianist and Julliard – and Mannes School of Music graduate Vera Anselmo, the project developed from initial private lessons to an all encompassing, social engagement. Turned into a non-for-profit institution with a wide following, The Piano School of NYC is founded on the belief that all children should be exposed to learning opportunities that include not only math and reading but creative disciplines such as music.  A whole new world of learning is opened to young people when they participate in music education and piano lessons.  This vision is realized through the Keys for all Children project.  The aim of the program is to enhance the lives of children who need it the most and teach them new ways to learn concepts and express ideas while developing a new skill in music.
To learn more about this important organisation please visit their website.