School Visit by concert pianist Ching-Yun Hu and 16 years old Adam Jackson, GIS ‘s young musician ambassador

Video Clip GIS School visit Ching-Yun Hu, Hilan Warshaw/Overtone Films LLC

Ahead of her upcoming November 19th concert performance at the German Consulate General, in support of GetClassical In School, Ching-Yun Hu visited the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School in NYC.

The world class performer was able to even make the somewhat beat up school piano sound magical, and so did the charming young musician ambassador, pianist Adam Jackson.

The middle school classes of the Jewish Day School, accompanied by their teachers, who were just as eager to learn more about classical music as the kids, who participated actively, asked questions and even had two performers in their own right.

It was a wonderful visit, as the pianists felt they really deepened the interest of the kids, and sparked some serious enthusiasm for classical music.