The Concert : Tonight -that’s Kissin !
Finally, Evgeny Kissin’s Liszt-Tour reached Carnegie Hall. Not only was Kissin at his very best; Liszt himself was presented at his very best.
The hall’s wonderful acoustics carried full bodied resonances of Liszt’s overtones, overpowering even the most stubborn coughs around me. Lyricism was presented in abundance without being artificially sweetened into any kitsch, just blissful and delightful play. Liszt, the virtuoso composer, who established the piano-recital as we know it with his famed “The concert, that’s me” came across as the master composer, finally receiving the appreciation he so fully deserves. Kissin delighted with absolute keyboard mastery, bordering wizardry.  March 9th, 2011. An unforgettable evening.