Welcome to GetClassical – a platform for classical music enthusiasts, offering portraits of artists and blog posts that aim to put the finger on the pulse of today’s classical music scene. Beyond its journalism, GetClassical aims to connect great talent with new audiences through its concert events, held in alternative venues.

As journalist (member of MCANA) and founder of GetClassical concerts, it is my great passion to share the talent I meet with greater audiences through my writing and collaborations with performers. GetClassical’s partnership with WWFM broadcasts enhances the spectrum of listeners throughout a great variety of concert performances in venues as diverse as Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar, Yamaha Piano Salon, Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall, Louis Meisel Gallery, Zinc Bar, India House, Union Arts Center at Sparkill and LPR.

Classical music has a great tradition, but musicians realize increasingly the importance of reaching out to wider audiences and to create a fresh outlook and enthusiasm for the culture of classical music.

GetClassical is a LLC in partnership with THE FIELD’s fiscal sponsorship for its related fund raising activities, offering Tax Deduction to interested sponsors.

What makes GetClassical concert experiences special is their relaxed environment and strong artistic collaboration, encouraging the audience – with a glass of wine in hand – to celebrate talent the way it used to be in the time classical compositions of the day, represented the newest talent on the block.

It’s in this spirit of community building and artistic interaction we also invite visiting artists to the stage and audience, creating a home for artists. Jazz musicians have always encouraged “jamming together” – we extend this friendly and inspiring gesture to the classical practice, adding an element of “surprise”.

Meeting the artists up close and personal – we bring the after-party to the concert.

Hope to see you at one of our next productions or get your feedback on my blog.

Ilona Oltuski

– journalist and founder and artistic director of GetClassical concerts