Artist: Adam Golka, Pianist

It's a beautiful initiative, Ilona, congratulations and thanks for all your hard work.

Artist: Adam Jackson, Pianist

Since my very first piano lesson, I have been fortunate to meet, work with, and be inspired by so many amazing people. They generously shared their passion for music with me. Now, thanks to Ms. Oltuski’s invitation to join her GetClassical in School initiative, I have the opportunity to share my own passion for classical music with people of my age and younger, who perhaps haven’t discovered yet its beauty.
I am immensely grateful to Ms. Oltuski for the chance to spark excitement for the classics, and to encourage younger people to listen and participate in live performances

Artist: Aleksey Igudesman, Violinist, Conductor, Comedian, Entrepreneur

Bringing classical music into the class room is an incredibly important mission. Ilona’s initiative GetClassical In School is a great necessity. Introducing the young generation to music will undoubtably change future society for the better. It is proven that children will learn faster and are generally happier with music in their life. Bravo Ilona, bravo GetClassical In School!

Artist: Alex Weiser, Composer, Curator, Director of Public Programs of The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

As a composer, concert curator, and music educator I commend Ilona Oltuski's GetClassical In School initiative. An intimate encounter with music can be a singular and revelatory experience which should be available to all children, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. By the same token, the chance to play for curious children can offer meaningful experiences for musicians that expand their sense of purpose with which they make music and curate concerts. There is simply no substitute for the inspiration for all parties that can stem from these kind of interactions.

Artist: Alexander Fiterstein, Clarinetist

Looks like a lovely project, Ilona. I would love to partake in GetClassical In School, bringing classical to the classroom.

Artist: Alisa Weilerstein, Cellist

“For me, being an artist has always been, above all, about communication. Ilona’s initiative to introduce GetClassical In School is a fantastic way to bring artists exactly where they ought to be; directly in the classroom exchanging ideas with future generations. I look forward to participating in GetClassical In School whenever possible!”

Artist: Alissa Margulis, Violinist

YES, absolutely Ilona, I will be honored to be on board with this great project. I did partake at Rhapsody in School in Germany and will love to partake in New York at GetClassical In School, bringing classical music to the classroom.

Artist: Amit Peled, Cellist, Conductor, Educator

I welcome Ilona's initiative GetClassical In School and will be happy to partake when in New York. Everything for Kids!

Artist: Arianna Körting and Robin Giesbrecht, Piano Duo

We are happy and excited to be part of GetClassical In School, a wonderful initiative, which is such an important mission for our community. Music is extremely vital for every child's education and with the seeming decline in the interest of public schools, we, as musicians, need to make it our responsibility to support the growth and development of music within every child's upbringing. We need to build a platform in New York, mirroring the already successful initiative of Rhapsody in School in Germany. Thank you for this great endeavor, Ilona!

Artist: Artur Kaganovskiy, Violinist

“Ilona’s initiative is gravely important and most essential to furthering and inspiring potential in the young and upcoming generation of young people weather or not they will choose to take the long and beautiful journey as classical music artists. As a kid, I remember how vital the existence of being associated with some of the greatest musicians (such as Isaac Stern) was of utmost importance, inspiring me to work harder and opening up my horizons as a violinist. Having these incredible channels available as a young artist is beyond what can be thought in a classroom. Again I fully support this incredible initiative, and look forward to witnessing a great renaissance for the young generation and a newly found association with some of the greatest of artists today with our young with the leadership of GetClassical In School. This is a great chance and rare opportunity not to be missed.”

Artist: Asi Matathias, Violinist

It's a great pleasure to join my friend, Ilona Oltuski in a tribute to GetClassical in School. A tribute not only to a wonderful initiative in music education, but its nobility of purpose means a great deal to me and it will always continue to remain so in the future.

Artist: Asiya Korepanova, Pianist, Composer

I love to come to schools, and perform the same repertoire I present in concert halls on tour, to children. Kids react amazingly to the complex and colorful worlds of the music I play. I believe that in order to fall in love with classical music there should be an initial impact, something they do not expect. That is why I never prepare easy or popular pieces for my school visits. I want them to remember the feeling of the astonishment and realization they have never heard anything like this before. I am thrilled to partake in Ilona’s new initiative GetClassical In School here in New York, to reach out to the next generation and share my enthusiasm for classical music to wake these kids’ curiosity about classical music. Music is a journey, and an exciting one. These days, pop music, movies and computer games became so elaborate that in order to compete for attention artists should offer unforgettable experiences, something that would be memorable for its power, diversity and energy it brings.

Artist: Avi Avital, Mandolinist

“During my several years of participating with Rhapsody in School in Germany, I had the most meaningful encounters with young students, who were curious to learn – and hear – about my art. It’s not that young people are disinterested in classical music, it’s that someone has to inspire that initial spark, and that’s what these encounters are geared to do. Like many other musicians, I am committed to our positive role in society and believe that our engagement should not be limited to the concert performances alone but stimulate interest wherever possible. Of course, we musicians are busy all the time, but it’s so important and satisfying to reach out to the next generation – and often the kids I visited in the morning where present at the evening’s concert. Congratulations Ilona, for initiating an artist network to visit schools in New York now, with GetClassical In School. Sign me up please!”

Artist: David Kadoush, Pianist

“GetClassical In School is a wonderful initiative. Sharing, spreading the learning and joy of music in the classroom, to inspire and be inspired” All the best.

Artist: David Kaplan, Pianist

I am delighted to support GetClassical In School's mission of inspiring school children through performance. As a member of Carnegie Hall's affiliate ensemble, Decoda, I have performed music and taught in schools all over the world, and so I know firsthand how precious an opportunity we have to install wonder and curiosity when encountering a young audience, and how easy it is to squander that opportunity! I am eager to witness the development of this exciting project!

Artist: Dorian Griner, Pianist

"I'm honored and delighted to support this wonderful Get Classical In School project by Ilona Oltuski, as she is doing a remarkable mission for schools. Music is essential for the best education of any child on this Earth, and I think Ilona deserves much support in the future"

Artist: Elena Lisitsian, Pianist

GetClassical, with its founder Ilona Oltuski creates musical events that combine historical and cultural context with highly relevant musical programming. The results are unique collaborations between artists, creating beautiful and meaningful moments. It takes genuine imagination to create - and great effort to realize this multi-layered collage. I was very fortunate to participate in one of these events, and I am looking forward to contributing to Ilona's work - this time starting with the very young - again.  

Artist: Eliran Avni, Pianist, Educator

It is our responsibility as performers and lovers of classical music to bring this beautiful music to the world and share it with everyone, especially the younger generations. Thank you Ilona and GetClassical for leading the charge!

Artist: Elisaveta Blumina, Pianist

When I heard of Ilona's wonderful project "GetClassical in schools" I was reminded of similar initatives in Germany and Spain which worked very well. It is my conviction that every child should learn how to sing and play an instrument. Musicians performing in schools may help to make young audience members curious  and thus create the motivation to make music themselves. I will be happy to partake when in New York.

Artist: Eric Zuber, Pianist

I would be very happy to be involved. Quality musical education and exposure to the arts (classical music in particular) is sorely lacking in schools and yet it is so vital to a child's growth, perspective, and emotional health and well-being. I would be happy to contribute in whatever way possible to this worthy cause.

Artist: Evgeny Kissin, Pianist

I salute Ilona’s initiative to introduce GetClassical In School, bringing classical music into the classroom. Sparking enthusiasm through personal encounters with charismatic performers will serve the next generation, bringing the joy of music into their lives.

Artist: Filip Pogády, Violinist

Super, Ilona that you are doing this wonderful mission for Schools! I would love to support GetClassical In School and partake in encounters in the classroom that inspire new interest for classical music.

Artist: Frank Mathis, Baritone, Choral Director

As choral director of the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture's, I am looking forward to collaborate with Ilona and GetClassical In School in our shared mission, to inspire the next generation through classical music and choral singing, bringing artists to all five boroughs of NYC schools' classrooms. I am thrilled to be included in this amazing roster of artists, who have expressed their support and enthusiasm for GetClassical In School and look forward to closely working together.  

Artist: Gabriele Baldocci, Pianist

I enjoy very much doing projects for school already and would be happy to be a part of GetClassical In School outreach program. Looking forward to a mutual collaboration with you and GetClassical In School.

Artist: Giora Schmidt, Violinist, Educator

When arts and music education programs are continually being cut from schools across the US, we have no choice but to rely on private funding and outreach programs to ensure our children get exposure to this invaluable component of their development. Chapeau to Ilona for spearheading the GetClassical In School initiative. I would be happy to be involved and help in any way I can.

Artist: Hyung-Ki Joo, Composer, Pianist, Conductor

It seems that in spite of all the scientific evidence we have providing that classical music greatly benefits a child's development, the only way to ensure that young minds and spirits will have access to it, is through initiatives like Ilona Oltuski's GetClassical In School.  Music & Arts as an essential part of every child's education, has been increasingly ignored by governments around the world, and I am moved and grateful to know that many youngsters will still grow up to be enriched human beings beings, due to their experiences with classical music. I know that my musical mentor, Yehudi Menuhin, would have blessed GetClassical In School with its entire being if he were alive to witness this today, and I will be honored to play any part in supporting this wonderful and indispensable gift to the community.

Artist: Igor Pikayzen, Violinist, Educator

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of ensuring that we pass on the understanding, love and respect of classical music to the next generation; our very art form depends on it. I am elated that Ilona Oltuski, someone that has always championed young artists, is taking on this task and I am sure that her charisma, eloquence and years of experience in music will make this a successful and engaging venture.

Artist: Ilinka Manova

Ilona's initiative GetClassical in School is vitally important to stimulate the future generation of young musicians. 

Kids have the most pure reaction to the beauty of music. I fully support this amazing initiative and I'm honored to be part of it. Thank you Ilona for your enthusiasm! 

Artist: Irene Abrigo, Violinist,, Educator

As an artist and teacher, I am deeply convinced of the social responsibility of art. The impact that musical and artistic education has on the development of the personality and of the critical spirit is enormous and precious, even if still too undervalued. I am very happy and honored to support the GetClassical project and contribute to Ilona's mission to make the world a better place through music.

Artist: Israeli Chamber Project

We believe that a quality music education is a vital part of any child's upbringing and are delighted to hear of GetClassical's initiative to bring classical music to school children across the New York metropolitan area.

Artist: Julian Schwarz, Cellist

I would be glad to be included on your roster of artists for your wonderful initiative GetClassical In School. I am looking forward to partake in some of these inspirational encounters in the classroom and it's meaningful that these kids can come to our concerts, as well.

Artist: Katrin Bulke, Soprano

Ilona’s mission in bringing classical music to schools resonates in every aspect with my vision. The live medium “classical music” is understudied and sometimes misunderstood and GetClassical can reach out to the youngest in our society and bring the music to the class room. Classical music is so much more then just old culture and young artist will show the excitement and make the students curious about more.

Artist: Lara Downes, Pianist

Yes, of course I would love to be part of this, so yes, you can put me on the roster and keep me posted as plans progress! It's so important for artists to directly communicate with the young generation.

Artist: Lars Vogt, Pianist

As the founder of Rhapsody in School in Germany, I salute Ilona Oltuski’s efforts to build a similar platform, akin to our motivation, in the New York Metropolitan Area. Our charismatic performers feel compelled to convey the positive message of classical music and spark youngsters’ passion, with personal encounters in the classroom. As the founder and curator of GetClassical, Ilona Oltuski shares our vision, aiming to connect the performer with the young generation. I sincerely welcome Ilona’s initiative and hope to personally partake in some of her planned events in support of this goal, in New York. Lars Vogt, pianist, conductor and founder of Rhapsody in School in Germany.

Artist: Lily Maisky, Pianist

Initiating and providing access to classical music for the younger generation is absolutely essential and I am very pleased to hear that GetClassical In School is bringing this format to NYC! I personally had the occasion to work [with kids] in several schools, during my musical studies and it was a very rewarding experience. I wish Ilona much success in this endeavor and happily give my support to GetClassical In School!

Artist: Lise de la Salle, Pianist

I’m very happy to hear about GetClassical In School, an initiative similar to Rhapsody in School, happening in NYC! That’s great news  and I would really much love being part of it, yes!

Artist: Louis Schwizgebel, Pianist

I would love to be part of GetClassical In School! GetClassical is an admirable initiative with the noble goal of bringing classical music to new audiences, by making the experience more personal and engaging. The intimate setting of events, offers unique opportunities to connect musicians and audience, preserving the spirit in which classical music  was born. This human dimension brings classical music to life and ensures its relevance for generations to come.

Artist: Lucille Chung, Pianist

I applaud Ilona Oltuski's wonderful initiative to bring classical music in the classrooms. This is a direct platform that bring musicians and children together through the power of music. Please join me in supporting Get Classical In School.

Artist: Magdalena Filipczak, Violinist

I didn't hesitate, when I was invited to join GetClassical In School. To this day I am grateful for being exposed early in my life to classical music at the highest level. Music encourages and gives a unique way to connect with other people despite any differences, and this is what we very much need in today's world. I wholeheartedly support Ilona's initiative.

Artist: Marianna Prjevalskaya

I was very happy to hear about Ilona’s beautiful initiative GetClassical in School. This project is crucially important for the future of classical music and I believe it will also change the life of many children. Nowadays, when we all struggle to sustain classical music alive, I am convinced that sharing the music we love, our stories, emotions and experiences with younger audiences will make a big difference in the way they will perceive and react to classical music. It is the perfect way to educate, to sow and grow in the hearts of younger generation the love, joy and appreciation for this wonderful art.

Artist: Marie-Claire Giraud, Singer

Music, especially classical music saved my life and I want to bring my joy and love of this music to the youth. That's why I am happy to partake in Ilona's mission of GetClassical In School, bringing passionate encounters with performing artists to the classroom.

Artist: Mark S. Doss, Bass Baritone

I  feel every opportunity given to school age children to be exposed to music  benefits our society as a whole.  Ms. Oltuski’s GetClassical in School Initiative is an obvious encouragement that inspires the next generation.  Having traveled the world I see the impact  music has & this program is easy to support for all the good it will do in NY.

Artist: Matan Porat, Pianist, Composer

In a time where everyone is talking about shrinking audiences for classical music, it is refreshing to hear about such initiatives like GetClassical In School. Nothing better than inspiring the audience of tomorrow!

Artist: Matt Herskowitz, Pianist, Composer

I've had the pleasure of performing on Ilona's series Get Classical at Zinc Bar in New York City. I found it refreshing and invigorating to perform a concert in a club venue for an audience that was interested in classical/jazz crossover music, but who would not necessarily come out to the more conservative, prestigious venues where most concerts of this type happen. In the same spirit, I am very happy to hear about Get Classical in School and its mission to bring professional classical artists to share their art with children who may not otherwise be exposed to it. Classical music must expand beyond the concert hall to reach a new generation, to stimulate young minds and expand their musical worlds... and have fun on the journey, of course!

Artist: Matthew Graybil, Pianist

I am thrilled to partake in Ilona’s  GetClassical In School mission, bringing artists to the classroom. I am happy to partake in school visits for some passionate encounters with the children, and to share my personal story for some much needed inspiration, with the next generation.

Artist: Michael Brown, Pianist, Composer

Ilona Oltuski brings experience, knowledge, and genuine initiative to her new endeavor "GetClassical In School." This is exactly what our society needs right now and I am honored to endorse it.

Artist: Moran Katz, Clarinetist

I've always been convinced that everyone loves music and the earlier one is exposed to a particular genre the more chances of him/her being drawn to it later in life. Rather than forced information, GetClassical In School aims to connect people and hear about their story. I couldn't agree more with this approach and hope to be a part of the program!

Artist: Nadejda Vlaeva, Pianist

We all remember that special moment in our childhood when something awakened us, empowered us, made us feel good and opened a door in our minds and hearts. It was a gift to us and now as adults we need to pass this gift onto the next generation. I salute Ilona's initiative to expose as many school kids as possible, to the wonderful realm of classical music and I am very enthusiastic to partake in it.

Artist: Natalia Lavrova, Pianist

Artist: Natasha Farny, Cellist, Educator

Children are the Future! Ilona's GetClassical In School is a wonderful, much needed initiative, and I am thrilled to participate.

Artist: Netanel Draiblate, Violinist, Educator

Ilona's GetClassical In School initiative is a wonderful idea, and much needed. As the director of the Annapolis Symphony Academy, a program that promotes diversity and access to music to students regardless of their ability to pay, it is wonderful to see more programs promoting music in schools, it is never too early to expose children to classical music. It will liven their day and change their life and I look forward being part of it.

Artist: Nicolas Namoradze, Pianist, Composer

There are few more important things classical musicians can do than reaching out to and inspiring future generations. Ilona Oltuski's "GetClassical In School," is a fantastic chance to do just that, creating opportunities to bring our art into the classroom, engage directly with children and foster a love and appreciation of classical music. This is a truly meaningful initiative that I look forward to participating in.  

Artist: Nikita Mndoyants, Pianist

I am extremely happy to support Ilona Oltuski's wonderful project "Get Classical In School!"
It's a very important mission that involves everybody and enriching the cultural life: professional musicians, listeners, and most important the young generation.
Classical music is equally important as classical literature or knowledge of history.
I'd be happy to participate in this project in the future.

Artist: Orsolya Korcsolan, Violinist

Artist: Orsolya Korcsonal, Violinist, Educator

Get Classical In School by Ilona Oltuski is a wonderful and truly powerful project that is much needed to inspire our kids and enrich their life by those magical encounters with classical music. For many of us such encounters opened the door to entirely new experiences that took us on this amazing journey toward becoming classical musicians, artists. This is exactly how everything begun for me....
Therefore I feel honored passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm every time I step off the big stage and enter the smallest classroom.

Artist: Osip Nikiforov

GetClassical in School initiative is a unique project--the kind, only few can embark on. The initiative not only brings high class performers and music to the school, it also develops and focuses on the musical communication and conversation between the performers and the audience, which is quite rare in the world of classical music nowadays. I admire Ilona for such a project and her will to revive the music education bond in the classroom.

Artist: Oxana Mikhailoff Pianist, Educator

Ilona Oltuski is a true music and art enthusiast, who spends her energy promoting, educating and inspiring others. Being an accomplished amateur pianist, her love and knowledge of music allows her an opportunity to invite top level performers and organize superb events. I have no doubt that her new initiative “Get Classical in School” will be very rewarding, enlightening and educational for many young members of the audience. This is very important mission to bring classical music into lives of the children.

Artist: Pavel Nersessian, Pianist, Educator

I am very happy to join Ilona's ideas and efforts. We still have a chance not to become the last generation which cherishes classic art. First of all, art is a great, powerful resource of pleasure, which remains always with you. Even more important is that it stays with you all life once you start enjoying it. And the best is that you can enjoy it any possible way - making it or just watching or listening it. I wish these plans of Ilona to live long and to have great success!

Artist: Pawel Knapik, Bassist, Composer, Educator

Brava to Ilona Oltuski for her brand new inspirational initiative GetClassical In School! Time and again, it is always that first spark, that sudden inspiration, what wakes up the inner artist in all of us. I am excited to be a part of this project and looking forward to it taking its shape this coming Fall of 2019 in New York City and beyond!

Artist: Philippe Quint, Violinist

It gives me a great pleasure to support GetClassical in School. More than ever the world needs programs dedicated to development of arts and music in schools. Arts education process is universally recognized as one of the most valuable to children of all ages. I wish Ilona and GetClassical much success in this new and important endeavor.

Artist: Rachel Lee Priday, Violinist

I truly believe creativity is at the core of who we are, and children live in this world instinctively. GetClassical In School will inspire imaginations, bringing many young hearts and minds into direct discovery of the joy and language of music. I would be delighted to partake in Ilona’s beautiful initiative and am excited to see it develop!

Artist: Reed Teztloff, Pianist

GetClassical In School's mission is such an important one; I am honored to be part of it and excited for our first encounter in the classroom.

Artist: Robert Van De Vorst, Pianist

As both, a scientist and an artist, it's a great honor for me to help promote bringing classical music to the new generation by supporting Ilona's initiative, GetClassical In School. Besides specific advantages in the realm of linguistic, cognitive and motor skill's development, music has a unique power to stimulate intellect, curiosity, spirit and empathy. Therefore I love to encourage such a project that brings classical music back to the classroom, where children can share the joy and freedom of artistic expression.

Artist: Roman Rabinovich, Pianist, Composer

I’m excited to hear about Ilona's GetClassical In School. What a wonderful and important initiative! I’am delighted to be part of it.

Artist: Sandro Russo, Pianist

I support with enthusiasm GetClassical In School’s initiative to bring live classical music to the NY schools. This will not only ignite a certain desire among the youngsters to learn an instrument, but will most importantly breed a new generation of listeners.

Artist: Sean Hickey, Composer, Senior Vice-President, Naxos of America, Inc.

As a composer and manager at Naxos of America, I applaud Ilona Oltuski and her efforts to bring classical music to the genre’s future audience. Music education is central to what we do each and every day, and many arts organizations pay only a glancing acknowledgement of its importance. New York may boast a lot of wonderful things, but age-appropriate learning modules for the enjoyment of classical music – how it works, who are its practitioners – are largely missing from all but the largest cultural institutions. And those who might benefit the most from it are those in the greatest need, especially as New York becomes less affordable for so many. To paraphrase Stravinsky, children shouldn’t be taught to respect music; they should be taught to love it.

Artist: Shai Wosner, Pianist

At a time in which classical music is virtually disappearing from school curriculum, GetClassical In School's aim to introduce it up close and personal to school kids and young adults is a great step toward restoring its place and enriching their lives.

Artist: Simone Dinnerstein, Pianist, Educator

It is so important to reach out to young people and spark their interest in the world of classical music.  I applaud Ilona for creating this wonderful platform to connect musicians with children!

Artist: Sivan Magen, Harpist

I am happy to support Ilona's initiative GetClassical In School and partake in a school encounter, bringing classical music to the next Generation and the next Generation into our concerts.

Artist: Spencer Myer, Pianist

"As classical musicians, there is nothing more important than educating young people about this art we hold so near and dear to our hearts; to open their minds and hearts, to inspire them, and to build classical music's future audiences.  Ilona's new initiative of "GetClassical In School" is a thrilling way to bring this great music to the next generation, and I'm so excited to see where it will go and what it will build."

Artist: Vyacheslav Gryaznov, Pianist

I believe it is not only a fun experience for the kids NOW, but the project would have another outcome, which may be even more important for the future development of classical culture. The Project will educate and carefully grow our future audience and community. These young people will hopefully attend many concert venues and they help grow interest in classical music, something much needed in today’s music scene. Thanks to Ilona’s GetClassical In School the young generation will understand what it means to attend a concert, what to listen for and to experience; and it is our responsibility to make them passionate and curious about it.

Artist: Wei Luo, Pianist

Ilona, I absolutely admire this great idea and project. I still remember how surprised and moved I was by the sound of the piano, played by my teacher, when I was a four year old in Kindergarten. That was the beginning of my love for music! It will be truly meaningful for me to come back to a school, play something for the kids and spark their love for music, in turn.

Artist: Zsolt Bognár, Pianist, Author, Host of Living The Classical Life

Ilona Oltuski's GetClassical In School is an incredible exciting initiative and is the most direct way in America today to create new music music-loving audiences and to discover new performing talent. My first exposure to great music was through a presentation in my first grade class by local musicians....years later, music is my life. GetClassical In School is the future and energy of classical music.