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About GetClassical – Positively Personal Performance

Welcome to GetClassical – a platform for classical music enthusiasts, offering information about today’s classical music scene through our blog posts and connecting new audiences to GetClassical’s concert events.

Music Journalist and founder of GetClassical, Ilona Oltuski, (member of MCANA) is thrilled to announce a new season with a variety of great performances by upcoming and arrived musicians, of great caliber. Some, you will have heard here first, some are household names within New York’s vibrant music scene – but all collaborations are based on close relationships with the artists and appreciation for their great, musical talent.

GetClassical continues its relationship with WWFM whose broad spectrum of listeners we would like to welcome for another exciting season of broadcasts.

We produce events of a great variety, performed at different venues: from cabaret star Adrienne Haan’s Carnegie Hall’s debut at Weill Recital Hall, to world renowned cellist Mischa Maisky and friends, at LePoisson Rouge. Art lovers will experience music in their favorite environment: Soho’s art gallery Louis Meisel. We also started a piano salon series at Yamaha, Titled “Sound Visions,” we collaborate with visual artists, bringing photography into the mix. We are currently reaching out to fashion photographers in particular, trying to bring the world of fashion into the classical music world.

Our monthly series at the very intimate, downtown Jazz Club Zinc Bar, right in the heart of New York City’s downtown nightlife scene continues, while we are looking forward to a new collaboration for a GetClassical Salon series, with Yamaha Artists Services, at their newly renovated showroom.

Classical music has a great tradition, but musicians realize the importance of reaching out to a wider audience, and to create a fresh outlook and enthusiasm to classical music.

What makes our concerts special is the actual concert experience: GetClassical creates a very personal and relaxed environment that encourages people – with a glass of wine in hand – … to celebrate talent, the way it used to be celebrated when classical compositions of the day, represented the newest talent on the block. It’s in this spirit of community building and artistic interaction; we also welcome visiting guest artists to the stage. Jazz musicians have always encouraged “jamming” together – we will extend this friendly gesture to the classical experience, adding an element of excitement and surprise. You will definitely have the opportunity to meet the artists, up close and personal – we bring the after-party to the concert.

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Get Classical at india House

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Ilona Oltuski

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Ilona Oltuski was born in Berlin, her family having returned to Germany after her grandmother escaped to Palestine before the war. From the very beginning, Ilona possessed a consuming intellectual curiosity, and a propensity for fostering cultural exchange and building community. Her parents, her father native to Krakow and her mother born in Berlin, exposed Ilona to cultural diversity early on. Ilona’s childhood in Jewish post-war Berlin and Frankfurt fostered and augmented her innate cultural insight. Although Ilona felt deeply connected to German culture, she was always acutely aware of the many diverse factors that contributed to the rich cultural atmosphere and controversy that made up her environment. Ilona’s sensitivity to her surrounding culture became a driving force behind her academic and artistic pursuits.

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Ilona began her study of art history in search of an explicitly Jewish art, which was perhaps actually a search for her own identity, and she ultimately completed her doctoral dissertation on the Bezalel Art Movement. In addition to her research in art history, Ilona studied piano at the Hoch’sche Conservatory in Frankfurt, founded by Clara Schumann.

After moving to New York with her husband, Ilona continued to pursue the piano, her favorite instrument, and in doing so met and befriended many pianists ranging from various levels of amateur to professional players. Through conversations with these musicians, Ilona – a passionate amateur herself – made her reentry into the writing world by sharing her experiences, quest, and lust for piano playing with the public, and composed her first articles on . Soon thereafter, Ilona started her German blog, ‘Wohltemperiert aus New York,’ and began writing for Naxos Deutschland , which she still continues to do. She also has written for Listen Magazine.

GetClassical appears on the networked blog site Blogspot in addition to this site. Ilona’s articles can also be found on Classissima, Sequenza 21, Instant Encore, and the German NAXOS Blog, among other online publications and blogs. Ilona’s work was recently published in the German magazine Piano News and in Ensemble Magazine.
You can also follow Ilona on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on GetClassical’s newest projects, and listen for details on WWFM broadcasts, since WWFM has recently partnered with GetClassical.

Since May 2012, Ilona has been producing salon-style concerts with the intention of creating a space for classical music in New York City’s nightlife. GetClassical has produced salon events at Rose Bar and India House, and since October 2014, Ilona is curating a classical music series at Zinc Bar, with programmed artists and some surprise guest artists.

In keeping with her passion for the exchange of ideas, Ilona designed GetClassical to provide a platform for conversation among readers, performers, and music lovers, and hopes the organization and its events will promote artistic variation in the New York scene. She says, “I’m reinventing my creative side by writing about my diverse encounters in the world of music, about inspiration and artistic expression, and the very human side of these endeavors, reaching right under the musician’s and my skin – that’s my shtick.”

Ilona Oltuski lives in New York City with her family.