Welcome to GetClassical – a platform for classical music enthusiasts, offering information about today’s classical music scene through our blog posts and connecting artist and new audiences through GetClassical’s concert events.
Music Journalist and founder of GetClassical, Ilona Oltuski, (member of MCANA) is thrilled to celebrate GetClassical’s 10th season, showcasing a variety of great performances by upcoming and arrived musicians of great caliber. Some, you will have heard here first, some are household names within New York’s vibrant music scene – but all collaborations are based on close relationships with the artists and appreciation for their great, musical talent.
GetClassical continues its relationship with WWFM whose broad spectrum of listeners we would like to welcome for another exciting season of broadcasts.

GetClassical has also formed a new initiative GetClassical In School. Inspired by the widely successful German initiative Rhapsody in School, founded by renowned pianist Lars Vogt, it’s goal is to bring charismatic performers into the classroom and share an intimate perspective on performers’ life and experience. In turn, we like to find sponsors to follow up this initial contact with an actual concert experience by the artist and bring in new audiences into the concert halls through sponsored tickets. GetClassical builds a network of schools and artists to initiate such an exchange in the Tri State area and I am looking forward to work with international artists and the local administration on this exciting project.

We produce events of a great variety, performed at different venues: from cabaret star Adrienne Haan’s Carnegie Hall’s debut at Weill Recital Hall, to world renowned cellist Mischa Maisky and friends, at LePoisson Rouge. Art lovers have experienced music in their favorite environment: Soho’s art gallery Louis Meisel. We also started a piano salon series at Yamaha, Titled “Sound Visions,” we collaborated with visual artists, and also bringing photography into the mix. We are currently reaching out to fashion designers trying to bring the worlds of fashion and music together.
Our monthly series at the very intimate, downtown Jazz Club Zinc Bar, right in the heart of New York City’s downtown nightlife scene and our collaboration with Yamaha Artists Services, at their newly renovated showroom was exciting. We visited Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall with some eminent UN ambassadors and other shakers and makers, and found new venues, never before used for classical concertizing.
Our latest collaboration takes place at the Union Arts Center at Sparkill, New York, presenting art and music at a quaint location, off the beaten path.

Classical music has a great tradition, but musicians realize the importance of reaching out to a wider audience, and to create a fresh outlook and enthusiasm to classical music with new venues and collaborations.
What makes our concerts special is the actual concert experience: GetClassical creates a very personal and relaxed environment that encourages people – with a glass of wine in hand – … to celebrate talent, the way it used to be celebrated when classical compositions of the day, represented the newest talent on the block. It’s in this spirit of community building and artistic interaction; we also welcome visiting guest artists to the stage. Jazz musicians have always encouraged “jamming” together – we will extend this friendly gesture to the classical experience, adding an element of excitement and surprise. You will definitely have the opportunity to meet the artists, up close and personal – we bring the after-party to the concert.

Get Classical at India House

Film maker Hilan Warshaw’s take on one of GetClassical ‘s concert events at the beautiful historic India House in downtown NYC.

Ilona Oltuski

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