Welcome to the concert series : GetClassical Salon at St. John’s In The Village. With this years presentation: Ekstasis: The experience of standing outside of oneself,  a curated program by pianist Eliran Avni and Natasha Farny, we commence the 2020 season of our Salon Series at St. John’s in the village, with a special seating arrangement.  The personal salon style set up, complete with a wine tasting and hors d’ oeuvres aims to build community and create a social atmosphere, while bringing you excellence in performances by great caliber musicians. Tickets online only $25 – $35 at the door. 

Music that lifts the spirit can be intensely joyful, profoundly moving, and unforgettable. Ekstasis is committed to creating juxtapositions and similarities through daring programming. We thrive on the contrast, intensity, and passion that we find in these compositions. We aim to share music that electrifies our audience and offers every possible emotion on the spectrum.

​Natasha and Eliran met as students years ago at Juilliard. After some recent exciting performances in New York City and upstate New York, the two decided to embark on a new mission: to create compelling programming celebrating masterpieces alongside the secret jewels of lesser-known works.

The duo will perform concert programs that tell a story, ruminate on the human condition, or set an atmosphere through sound. These programs offer solo works alternating with chamber music, and occasionally will expand to include friends and the use of multimedia, such as readings, video, and visual art. Through this kind of programming, Ekstasis seeks to create a more cohesive and interesting curated experience for the audience. For this upcoming season, the Ekstasis Duo will perform at venues such as Merkin Hall, Bard College, The Eastman School of Music, Saugerties ProMusica, and Live from Hochstein and at St. John’s in the Village’s Revelation Gallery.

Mona Seghatoleslami, WXXI Radio — “Natasha Farny and Eliran Avni are two very skilled musicians who are creating something greater with this new partnership. They cast a perfect and dreamy spell… I was absolutely entranced by the sensitivity and poetry of the way they shaped the music — lovely ideas, with the exacting technique to carry out these musical visions. Even our cynical engineers were touched by the music!”


  • Louise Farrenc – Allegro Moderato

  • Clara Schumann – Three Romances

  • Lera Auerbach – Preludes nos. 7, 23 & 24


  • Ellen Taaffe Zwilich – Lament

  • Ethel Smyth – Sonata in A minor, op. 5

  • Hommage à Nina Simone